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incise drape/film
 【decrepition】:incise drape
Product description
It consists of polyurethane film, medical hypo-allergenic adhesive. It is a kind of new product in surgical operation of orthopedics, chest and heart surgical department, nerve surgical department, paedicatric and abdomen, ophthalmology, and also used for plastic operation.
Performance and characteristic
Ultra-thin it allows the product to conform even to highly contoured parts of the body.
Transparence the field of operation can be observed clearly without opening the thin film and no illuminating surface, no reflected light. Permeability makes the skin breathe naturally, and also provide an ideal environment for wound healing.
Water and bacteria proof capabilities keep water, bacteria and dirt out, so there is less chance of compromising the sterile environment. Hypoallergenic and proper viscidity will not irritate the skin and be firmly adhered. Do not hurt the skin when released from the skin.
Await operation location full sterilization, after skin drying, use the product.
Spread out the drape, remove the protective paper, put it above the operation site
Smooth out the drape with gauze from the middle to edges; make it completely apply to the skin without bubble.
When peeled, it should be drawn 180 degree with the skin.
Sterilized with irradiation single use only. Do not use the product if the package is damaged.
Specification and price
Self-adhesive operation thin film
Main material
15*20cm   (50pcs/box, 600pcs/carton, carton size:41*28*36cm)
PE film
20*30cm  (50pcs/box, 600pcs/carton, carton size:41*28*36cm)
PE film
30*40cm   (50pcs/box, 400pcs/carton, carton size:38*28*36cm)
PE film
40*50cm (50pcs/box, 400pcs/carton, carton size:38*28*36cm)
PE film
45*45cm (brain) (10pc/box,200pcs/carton,
carton size:42*38*36cm)
PE film
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