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Taizhou Amity Care International Co., ltd. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of health care supplies, machineries and accessories etc in China. We are a professional and comprehensive company, situated in Jiangsu Province. We hold 2 high-quality-product manufacturing plants(Taizhou Hengyuan Building Material Machinery Co., Ltd and Nantong Bangtong Medical & Health Materials Co., Ltd. and cooperate with many suppliers for concrete pile and pole machines and medical material over China.

Taizhou Amity Care International Co., ltd. is an experienced import-export company so trade staff here specialize in various kinds of products and import-export activities.  We dedicate to providing the best-quality-products with the lowest-unit-price to enhance your market competitiveness. We help as a supplier to connect you with the manufacturers in China, and also as an inspector for you to assure the products with high quality meeting your demands. The suppliers we find are all certified and the products they manufactured are all with the most stringent international standards. Our products are well sold in Europe, America, Africa, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Due to clients facing more and more immense pressure nowadays in every field, Amity Care will do the best to assure your interest on cost savings and will always supply considerate service for the clients worldwide.

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