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elastic bandage
【decrepition】:elastic bandage

It consists of hydro-entangled non-woven fabric and medical hypo-allergenic adhesive. It can be used fixing the large area dressing, pressurizing and wrapping up to the wound after the surgical operation and getting involved and treat, and assisting using in the emergency in sports medical science and orthopedics, in order to realize that the elasticity is steady.
Performance and characteristic
Permeability due to its backing of non-woven mesh , it makes the skin breathe naturally, and excrete water, air and sweat, and also reduce the chance of infection.
Adaptation lighter and thinner fiber lining can make the patients feel comfortable because it is adaptable to all parts of the body allowing a total liberty of movements.
Hypoallergenic and proper viscidity will not irritate the skin and be firmly adhered. Do not hurt the skin when it released from the skin
Keep the skin clean and dry, then tear the right amount tape according to the necessary length.
Stick smoothly and steadily, pulling from center to sides is to avoid the tension which will injury the body.
After sticking, Press back and forth to give the most effect of adhesive
Specification and price
fixed-dressing plaster
Main material
5*1000cm    (1roll/bag,150rolls/carton,carton size:42*42*35cm)
Non-woven fabric
10*1000cm  (1roll/bag,100rolls/carton,carton size:42*42*44cm)
Non-woven fabric
15*1000cm   (1roll/bag,50rolls/carton,carton size:42*42*35cm)
Non-woven fabric
20*1000cm    (1roll/bag,50rolls/carton,carton size:42*42*44cm)
Non-woven fabric
25*1000cm   (1roll/bag,25rolls/carton,carton size:42*42*28cm)
Non-woven fabric
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