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Hydrocolloid wound dressing
Product description
Hydrocolloid dressings consist of absorptive ingredients
hydrocolloid dressings do not allow water, oxygen, or bacteria into the wound. This may help facilitate angiogenesis and granulation. Hydrocolloids also cause the pH of the wound surface to drop; the acidic environment can inhibit bacteria growth.
Performance and characteristic
Hydrocolloid sheet dressings are available in various thicknesses and in precut shapes for body areas such as the sacrum, elbows, and heels. Highly conformable to the patient's body these dressings adhere well to high-friction areas, such as the sacrum and heels. All sheet hydrocolloid dressings have a film covering to make the product waterproof.
Hydrocolloid dressings react with wound drainage and swell or "melt out,leaving a residue in the wound. When the dressing is removed, a gel residue may be left in the wound bed. (The paste and powder forms typically leave a residue"plug"in the center of the wound.) Remove this residue by cleaning gently with a wound cleanser before assessing the wound. A distinctive foul odor may also be present. This may be from product breakdown, not infection.
Hydrocolloid dressing
Main material
10cm*10cm(1pc/bag, 200pcs/carton,)
absorptive ingredients, PU
15cm*15cm    (1pc/bag, 100pcs/carton,)
absorptive ingredients, PU
20cm*20cm    (1pc/bag, 100pcs/carton,)
absorptive ingredients, PU
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