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non-woven adhesive tape
【decrepition】:non-woven adhesive tape
Product description
It consists of micro porous non-woven fabric and medical hypo-allergenic adhesive. It is an ideal exchanging product instead of zinc oxide plaster. It is suitable for fixing and keeping wound dressing, bandages, catheters and medical product often need to replace.
Performance and characteristic
Permeability: it makes the skin breathe naturally, and excrete water, air and sweat and also lower risk of infection.
Adaptation: gentle and thin material can easily mold the dressing to skin contours
Hypoallergenic and proper viscidity for reliable fixation, the component of the adhesive is formulated so that when removing the plaster without damage the skin
Keep the skin clean and dry. Then defer to the necessary length to rip breaks the right amount adhesive tape.
Stick smoothly and steadily, pulling from center to side is to avoid the tension which will injure the body.
After sticking ,  press back and forth to give the most effect of adhesive.
For secure and reliable fixation of dressing and infusion lines, one side of surgical tape over entire dressing must more than 2.5cm to stick the skin.
Range of apply
Fixation of infusion needle and infusion lines
Used for wrapping the wound, fixing the dressing
Used for fixing the bag of phlegm
Forbid strictly directly stick to the wound on the skin
The skin allergy please obey the doctor’s advice
Non-woven  air-permeable plaster
 Main Material
1.25*914cm    (24rolls/box, 1152rolls/carton, carton size:38*29*35.5cm)
2.5*914cm      (12rolls/box, 576rolls/carton, carton size:38*29*35.5cm)
5*914cm          (6rolls/box, 288rolls/carton, carton size:38*29*35.5cm)
7.5*914cm        (6rolls/box, 288rolls/carton, carton size:38*29*50cm)
1.25*500cm       (32rolls/box, 1536rolls/carton, carton size:38*29*35.5cm)
2.5*500cm          (16rolls/box, 768rolls/carton, carton size:38*29*35.5cm)
5*500cm             (8rolls/box, 384rolls/carton, carton size:38*29*35.5cm)
7.5*500cm          (6rolls/box, 288rolls/carton, carton size:38*29*35.5cm)


Semi-finished Adhesive Roll
Our factory has solvent adhesive machine, hot melt rubber coater machine, zinc oxide spreading machine, we could produce all kinds of semi-finish adhesive tape roll, such as elastic fabric, plain fabric, cotton, non-woven, PU, PE, PVC. The specifications (size, color, material, package etc.) could meet the clients’ requirement. Such products could be used in medical dressings like band-aid, wound adhesive dressings and infusion plaster, etc.
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